Beginning teachers' development in Anija region of Estonia

Teachers play an important role in moulding the younger generation as well as the nation: from shaping their thoughts to creating a backbone for their future through education. Estonia is facing a problem with regards to availability of teachers. During the pandemic, many teachers have taken retirement which has contributed to a sudden shortage in the number of teachers in Estonia.
Acknowledging the situation and aiming to contribute to education in Estonia, with the support of Ishk Tolaram Foundation (Tolaram Group), we have partnered with NGO MTÜ Alustavat Õpetajat Toetav Kool. Together we are launching an initiative that addresses various issues in the teaching profession by offering the chance for new talents to come together with their peers; analyse experiences and challenges, work on ideas for solutions, alongside an experienced supervisor. Topics of the meetings will range from classroom management, teaching students with special needs, communicating with parents, working with colleagues and support structure, to personal well-being and self-management.
In this initiative, the beginning teachers were selected from neighbouring municipalities. The first session of this initiative was launched on January 7th. The teachers will meet 6 times in the first half of 2022.