Lime Sludge Recycling Project

Year of Completion: 2023

Project Goals:

The goals of this project are to recycle and reuse the lime sludge waste produced during the production and maintenance process and thereby reduce the waste disposal to the landfill.

Approximately 1200 tons of lime sludge waste is generated during production and maintenance processes. Prior to this project, lime sludge waste generated was transported to the landfill for disposal as there was no place for storage.

This project’s scope was to construct a storage area suitable for storing 1200 tons of lime sludge waste & recovering & reusing it in the production process.

Project Results:

As a result of this project, Horizon has:

  • Reduced waste disposal to the landfill by about 1200 tons annually
  • Reduced use of transport
  • Increased resource efficiency – Recycling about 1200 tons of lime sludge annually would result in about 570 tons annual reduction in the purchase of fresh lime.