Horizon awarded Contributor of the Year Award

Photo Credit: Erik Riikoja

Horizon has been awarded Contributor of the Year 2021 by Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Center. Harjumaa Government Associations are the co-organizers of the award. The award is given to an organization that contributes to economic development and local community of Harjumaa through its inspiring activities.

Horizon has been committed to improving the Environmental, Economic and Social well-being of the Harju community. We believe businesses should be inclusive towards serving all stakeholders.

Reversing climate change

As a responsible business dedicated to reversing climate change, Horizon has implemented various initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We have achieved a reduction of 82% which is much ahead of the 2030 EU Climate and Energy package target of 40% reduction in GHG emissions. Horizon has invested in renewable energy production as an alternative to fossil fuels. As a result, our renewable energy share of the total energy consumed for paper manufacturing is 80% – far ahead of the EU 2030 target of 32%.

Sustainability is our core business value which we practice in our entire value chain from sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing paper products. Sustainability is not just about the environment but also about bringing positive social change.

Social uplifting

COVID has been stressful for all of us. It has especially affected many vulnerable groups such as children with special needs. During the COVID lockdown period, the children were confined to their homes with their families. Long periods of isolated confinement within their homes led to emotional turmoil and depression for the elders. We collaborated with a nonprofit organization and arranged counselling sessions for the elders to help them overcome depression and return to normal life.

Another vulnerable group significantly affected by the COVID lockdown were homeless people. During these difficult times, they could hardly find a decent meal. We collaborated with Estonian Food Bank (Eesti Toidupank) and the Mother Teresa Missionary assisting with food and other essentials for homeless people.

Education is key for positive social change. We have initiated study modules in Kehra School for final year students, introducing them to natural science topics such as environment protection, sustainability and technology. Experienced Horizon personnel have conducted lectures on these topics at the school.

In August 2020, we built a paper room in Anija Manor in close cooperation with the Anija municipality. The room explains Sustainability as a concept to visitors and showcases the evolution of our mill.                                                       

We are thankful to everyone for recognizing and supporting our efforts in contributing towards climate change reversal and social uplifting.

We shall continue to serve our community and society.