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                         Certificate of compliance for 
                                    food industry by

          Endorsement for 
         Horizon RustArrest®
anti-corrosion base paper (VCI) by               


Quality assurance and quality control

Quality assurance and quality control are inherent in our system. Each paper roll produced is in strict accordance with our standard specifications and constantly checked on line with results recorded. These records can be traced back through an ERP system.

Our aim is to satisfy customers` needs, therefore quality is paramount in our system. The quality is checked in our laboratory as per international standards.

Our paper has been approved for direct contact with food stuffs and we have been issued a certificate of conformity by ISEGA – a German laboratory for use of paper in packing food products.


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Quality Policy

At Horizon Pulp & Paper the quality standards are of prime importance. It must be ensured that every mother roll is thoroughly tested, all tested parameters to match with our general specifications. Any reel/lot that is below standards to be qualified as stock lot/waste is rejected. Every quality claim is studied and reason for claim must be found. Responsible person shall commit actions to avoid similar case in future by setting objectives.

By quality it is not meant only high product quality, but Horizon should also observes the deadlines and terms agreed with the customers are met with, to ensure customer satisfaction.

We analyze the efficiency of our quality management system at least once per year in order to continually improve it.

Approved on April 12th 2017.