Environmental care



Estonia has one of the oldest forest management systems in the world. Starting more than 400 years ago, in the early 1600`s, Estonia established a no-tree-cutting policy in the border zone along the Baltic Sea to protect the coastal environment. From this early beginning, successful forest management has been improved, changed with the times and developed into one of the most effective and successful forest management systems in the world.

Environment in Horizon

Horizon`s management has chosen to be proactive in all aspects of environmental issues.

We purchase wood and chips from private suppliers and use clean natural wood from forest cleaning and pruning operations. This effort supports the healthy industry of planned forest management.


Environmental sustainability as well as maintaining and improving quality are based on the company's
systematic approach, which is based on and documented according to the management standards ISO
9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 requirements. We analyse the effectiveness of the management system
at least once a year to ensure a consistent improvement of the management system and quality,
environmental and energy performance.


We set and renew our environmental and energy efficiency targets on an annual basis and consistently
improve our products so that their production and use are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
Management provides the necessary resources and information.
Management and employees are committed to use the resources and materials at their disposal in an
environmentally and energy efficient way. In addition, we are focusing on improving of our employees'
way of thinking in order to avoid environmental pollution, wasting energy, and improve cleaner
production and prevention of pollution.
In the activities of our company, we pay a lot of attention to the health of our employees and it is our
duty to comply with all environmental and administrative laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia
and the European Union, including energy efficiency and other relevant requirements. Management
meets with key people on a monthly basis in order to develop measures to improve occupational safety
and to comply with occupational safety requirements.
We keep the company's employees informed about the environmental and energy efficiency problems
and their solutions.
We ensure that all interested parties have access to information on environmental impacts of our
All new projects in Horizon are based on the Best Available Techniques principles in order to comply with
modern environmental and energy efficiency standards.


In Horizon Pulp and Paper Ltd, quality standards are of primary importance. It must be ensured that each
paper roll is thoroughly tested and that all quality indicators must be in accordance with our general
approved technical specifications. Each paper roll / shipment that does not meet the approved standard
is scrapped. Any quality complaint is analysed and root causes must be found. The responsible person
will take steps to set targets to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Quality does not only mean high quality of production, but also compliance with terms and conditions
agreed with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction.

Approved on January 17th 2019.