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Horizon is producing a wide range of 100% virgin unbleached sack kraft papers, which are used for a number of applications in the packaging industry. Namely paper sacks, SOS bags, lamination, general wrapping, etc.

All our grades are produced from 100% virgin long fiber softwood pulp. We are using the best raw material available for sack kraft papers: Nordic pine and spruce. The raw material is what has brought Nordic sack kraft qualities into a leading and preferred global position in terms of quality. We are only manufacturing unbleached varieties.

We also have a rewinder for producing counter rolls, minimum width 40mm.


Main categories

All grades can be manufactured as Wet Strenght(up to 28%).
Used mainly for the bags for the vegetables and green and household waste bags.

Product code for sack kraft paper is

Sack Kraft Paper

Very strong Standard Sack Kraft paper (made of 100% virgin softwood fiber) is suitable for various types of open month sacks (2-4 plies), charcoal bags and other SOS bags, small bags (for pastry, grocery, fruit, fast food), PE and Aluminum lamination, creping, ream and reel wrapping, twisted yarns, liner for corrugated industry, paper for garment industry, tubes and cores, etc

Available in 50-150 gsm.

Semi Extensible Sack Kraft Paper

Semi-Extensible sack kraft paper is a higher strength sack kraft variety, due to higher stretch and higher TEA index. Suitable for cement sacks with perforation, gypsum sacks, sacks for various building materials, minerals, animal feed sacks, PE coating etc.

Available in 70-100 gsm.


SpeedEx - High porosity semi-extensible sack kraft paper

Horizon has developed a total packaging solution for cement industry: SpeedEx, a high porosity and high strength sack paper for cement packaging. It has a porosity of 5-6 seconds. The paper sack made of High Porous Sack Paper does not need to be perforated. This grade is used more and more by the cement industry with higher speed cement filling stations, as well as for any powdered goods.

Fully Extensible sack kraft paper

Fully Extensible sack kraft paper is a higher strength sack kraft variety due to higher stretch and higher TEA index. Suitable for the same applications as semi extensible but mainly cement sacks with perforation, gypsum sacks and sacks for various building materials.

Available in 70-100 gsm



1. SpeedEx sack paper has a porosity of 5-6 sec causing air to escape fast during the filling of sacks and meeting the standards of today`s most modern filling equipment.

2. Extra Strength: when using SpeedEx, one can also consider using a lighter substance thanks to increased strength of non-perforated sacks, thus providing instant cost-saving benefits.

3. Cleaner Environment: Sacks made of SpeedEx paper, where perforation is normally not necessary, are not as dusty as perforated sacks. This means a cleaner and dust-free environment for everybody, from filling station up to various stages of handling.